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At Grace, we believe that movement and community are fundamentals of health, and maintaining proper health should be everyone's right. We acknowledge that there are societal disadvantages and advantages that create inequality in our health care system, and this has driven us to create this platform to move and connect with the community. We want to do what we can, big or small, to help make health care more accessible to ALL members of society. Regardless of your race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age, ability or socioeconomic status, we want to be here for you - to move, to connect, to learn and to support.  

All classes are offered virtually on a pay-what-you-can basis with a suggested donation of $10/class. We are very proud to offer classes that are instructed by teachers who are driven by a passion for movement and community. This is what allows us to offer the pay-what-you can service. We hope that our passion comes through in the time you spend with us. If you are in a position to donate, your support is greatly appreciated and can be sent via e-transfer to


At any point in the month, you can send a donation to the address above. At the end of each month, your donation will be dispersed to the teachers whose classes you attended during the month that the donation is received

While that might seem complicated, don't sweat the small stuff! All of the teachers at Grace are passionate about connecting and moving with other humans. This is our goal, first and foremost. This means that, if you forget to send a donation within the month, or if you haven't been keeping track of the classes you attended (we don't expect you to!), don't worry about it because we aren't keeping track either. Every teacher on the schedule joined this platform because of what we get back from teaching. We want to see more participants in class, as that means more connection, more happy bodies, and more people for us to learn from.

Whether or not you are sending donations, you are welcome in all of our classes and seeing your name or face pop up on the screen is what drives us to keep going. To our donors, your contributions make it possible for us to offer this beautiful pay-what-you-can platform and we are eternally grateful.


If you are unsure of what to donate, while we suggest $10/class, if you are attending a class a day (or multiple classes a day) please use your discretion to decide what is appropriate and what is reasonable for you financially on any given month. We are not keeping track and moving with you every day is truly a privilege for us.


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