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Sunday Afternoon 2-Hour Restorative

Please join us Sunday February 28 from 2:00pm - 4:00pm for a two hour restorative practice being led through Zoom by Devon Honywill from Grace Movement & Manual Therapy. It’s been a trying past twelve months but brighter days are quite literally ahead of us. We’ve all done a fantastic job of transitioning our homes to become a suitable space to meet on the mat and the end of February is the perfect time to make it a Restorative Retreat (if you haven’t already). With Spring on the horizon, but still a few more weeks of winter to go, a juicy Restorative class will bring a sense of calm back to the mind and openness to the body. The art of slowing down and settling in can be one of the most challenging aspects of yoga, but the benefits are felt almost immediately. 


Devon will be bringing participants through a slow flow of restorative postures, taking time for proper set-up with items found around the house. Once in each pose, ample time will be given to settle in, focus on deepening the breath, and allowing the tension in the tissues to release. The postures will be sequenced in order to ensure that we are moving the whole body and finding a gentle but effective stretch. Please allow us to guide you through getting creative with props in order to set up the most ideal space for relaxation. If your schedule allows it, have dinner prepared so that as the class ends and evening arrives, you can end your day feeling at ease and ready to take on the first week of March, the last few weeks of winter, and look forward to what is going to be a summer that we have learned to appreciate far more this year than any other.

WHEN: February 28, 2021 | 2:00pm-4:00pm

COST: $20 per person

To purchase please visit