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Grace MMT, founded by Devon Honywill, offers a natural approach to health by combining Osteopathy and Pilates/yoga based movement for both preventative and rehabilitative purposes. 


Devon is currently offering Osteopathic treatments at:

Please call the clinic or visit the websites to book online

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Ottawa Naturopathic Clinic

595 Montreal Rd Suite 407


Monday: 2:00pm - 7:00pm

Tuesday: 11:00am - 5:00pm

Wednesday: 9:00am - 4:30pm


Thursday: 11:00am - 5:00pm 

Devon is currently teaching public group Pilates and Yoga classes as well as private sessions at  The Mat Lab Beechwood in New Edinburgh.

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Meet Devon

Meet Devon
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My focus on health and began through the practice of yoga and Pilates in 2010 after searching for new ways to stay active. I grew up as a competitive gymnast and diver, and experienced strains on my joints. I wanted to find a low impact exercise that I could do at home without requiring a lot of equipment. I love these modalities for the way they link breath to movement and for their ability to calm the nervous system while building strength and flexibility. 

After finishing an undergrad in Psychology from the University of Ottawa, I completed a yoga teacher training (YTT200) in 2015. Through my practice, I found myself focusing on the alignment of anatomy in order to ensure safety and effectiveness of movement, and was immediately drawn to Pilates. This led me to complete my Pilates teacher training, as well as search for a manual approach that could complement my movement trainings. The science behind Osteopathy aligned with the way I viewed health, and furthermore the countless stories of its success made it an easy decision to pursue a formal education in the field. In 2016 I enrolled in the four-year M.MOMSc program with the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy and graduated in 2021.


I'm constantly searching for new approaches to connect with clients and help them obtain health by combining modalities of movement and manual therapy. I aim to give tools to use in every day life so that sessions create new healthy habits. Understanding that often the most difficult step to self-care is simply making the decision to do it, I aim to treat and teach with a compassionate and supportive attitude. I see each person as a unique individual requiring fresh eyes and a blank slate in regards to what the body needs. I love to experiment with different cues in order to evoke imagery within clients so that they can connect to the movement on a deeper level and have a better understanding of how and why their body is moving in a particular way. 




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Contact:  |  |  (613)746-6000 

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