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Informed Consent

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I hereby request and consent to the class instruction provided by the certified instructor.


The instructor is available to discuss the nature, purpose and type of classes provided prior to my first class/session should I have any questions or concerns.


I further understand and am informed that, as in all health care, including fitness related classes, there are some risks to participation including but not limited to muscle sprains and strains, soreness, increased discomfort, strokes and cardiovascular complications. I do not expect the instructor to be able to anticipate and explain all risks and complications, especially in an online class setting. I wish to rely on the instructor to exercise judgment during the class and to act in my best interest based upon the facts known at the time. Furthermore, I take full responsibility for my own body and will rely on my own judgement to decide when I should take rest or opt out.


I have read the above consent. I have also had the opportunity to ask questions about this consent, and by continuing to book I agree to the above. I intend this consent form to cover the entire course of classes for my present class and for any further classes for which I seek.

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