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Debbie Brown is a 500 hour CYT. Debbie was a boxer for 14 Years before coming to yoga almost ten years ago. Yoga was not only a excellent remedy for her tight boxer shoulders, but also a solace while going through major life changes. Yoga soon became a passion and in 2016 Debbie started her teaching training journey.  In 2017, Debbie completed her 200 hour training at Adishesha Yoga Studio in Ottawa and went on to become certified in Yin and Thai Yoga Massage. In the spring of 2021 she completed her 300 hour training at Atha Yoga in Corner Brook, Newfoundland. Her classes aim to create a space to explore the physical and mental aspects of the body, often incorporate core work (her favourite), and are always complimented with much laughter. 



Devon is the owner and Director of GraceMMT, which she founded in 2019. Certified in to instruct in both Mat Pilates as well as Yoga, she is passionate about helping people live happy and healthy lives, and knows that movement plays an enormous role in this.


Acknowledging everyones differences, whether it be ability, energy or simply preference, Devon aims to be creative in her classes and offers a variety of movements that are designed to make to you connect more with your own body. In her classes you will gain strength but also become more aware of how your body moves, and where asymmetries may lie from one side to another. 

In 2017 Devon began studying Osteopathic Manual Therapy and is set to graduate Fall 2021. As such, her classes are anatomically focused and can be adapted to suit a variety of levels, injuries or limitations for whatever reason. While her classes are challenging, she encourages practitioners of all levels to join her, knowing that they can take rest at any point. For those who are not comfortable in a group setting, Devon offers private and personal, customized sessions. If you are interested in working with Devon one-on-one, in an Osteopathic treatment, or simply want to learn more about it, please reach out! 


SOCIAL: @grace.mmt



Jenna is a certified personal trainer, yoga instructor (and lifelong student!), nutrition coach, cat mom, and the founder of Strong Soul Fitness + Health. 

After spending almost a decade as a personal trainer (you can learn more about my education here), I have supported clients as they reached numerous health goals: improved blood sugar numbers, improved cardiovascular health and better endurance, reducing joint pain and being able to move with ease, and increasing strength.


During that time, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia (FM) and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), both of which are incurable, and affect me every day. At the time of my diagnosis, research and resources were minimal. My doctor gave me the diagnosis, wrote a prescription for an anti-depressant, and told me it was something I would "just have to deal with". This pushed me to learn more about pain, biomechanics, and the nervous system, and over time, I developed a system to help keep my chronic pain at bay most of the time. Eventually, other people living with chronic illness (and people healing from significant injury) wanted to work with me, too. Since then, I've coached people with Fibromyalgia, Lupus, MS, Parkinson's, Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Polymyalgia Rheumatica, chronic back and neck pain, frozen shoulder and joint injury, and people recovering from joint replacement surgery. I regularly work with physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors, RMTs, and even surgeons to ensure my client's program is cohesive and on track with their rehabilitation goals.  

My goal as your trainer is to help you learn how to move your body safely and efficiently, and to help you come up with sustainable lifestyle choices that will support your individual needs and goals. I believe in motivating with support, encouragement, and honest feedback. I believe that "healthy living" encompasses all aspects of health, including self care and mental health, proper sleep, non-restrictive eating, enjoyable movement, and community support. I believe that food is not something you need to earn, and while you might not love physical activity, it should never feel like a punishment. Most importantly, I want to remind you that if you're experiencing chronic pain*, you don't have to "just deal with it". 

So whether you're looking to train privately, or wanting to be a part of an incredibly supportive community, get in touch! I would love to hear more about your journey up to this point, and together, we can decide how Strong Soul can best support you and your health goals.

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